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Attorney Kendra Ortega

Strategic, Focused Family Law Guidance

Kendra Ortega, PLC, provides families in and around Holland, Michigan, with clear direction through their legal challenges. For firm and focused guidance, contact attorney Kendra Ortega today.

Insightful, Adaptable Counsel In Michigan Family Law

When your family is threatened by a legal issue, you need a dedicated and skillful advocate who can assert your rights and protect your future. At Kendra Ortega, PLC, attorney Ortega is committed to helping you move through a period of emotional turmoil with clarity and confidence.

With a professional and personal approach to the law, attorney Ortega’s practice is informed by her extensive background working for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Her knowledge of this complex system enables her to navigate its deadlines and processes efficiently and cost-effectively. From smoothing the divorce process to resolving contentious parental alienation or abuse allegations, she is passionate about assisting Michigan families with insight and adaptability.

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Child Custody

Parenting and Grandparenting Time

Child Support


Abuse and Neglect

A Passionate Attorney; A Personalized Approach

While every legal dispute needs the expertise of a trained attorney, Kendra Ortega understands that each case is unique. As a solo attorney, she is able to provide individualized, responsive attention for the duration of your case. She will work with you closely to evaluate your goals, help you understand your options and tailor her strategies to meet your specific needs.

This consistent and direct engagement can be particularly beneficial in negotiation or litigation. By keeping you informed of any developments in your case, attorney Ortega can adjust expectations and tactics at every step of the legal process.

Photo of Attorney Kendra Ortega

Versatile Representation Through A Range Of Family Conflicts

Kendra Ortega, PLC, is dedicated to helping Western Michigan parents, spouses and children as a full-service family law firm. In addition to handling divorce, child custody and child support cases, attorney Ortega also assists clients dealing with more complicated matters including grandparenting time, objections to personal protective orders and pursuit of parental alienation claims.

This versatility can give attorney Ortega a valuable advantage in family law cases. She is prepared to deal with a variety of contingencies or unexpected variables that may arise, and can help keep your legal process streamlined and effective.