01. Divorce


You might be looking for someone to only help draft forms for an uncontested divorce, or you may need someone in your corner to fight for your children’s best interests. Kendra has experience in a wide variety of divorce situations to skillfully handle your case. She is committed to keeping your legal fees to those which are necessary to properly litigate your divorce.


Michigan law promotes a property division that is fair and equitable under the circumstances. It also provides that the custody and parenting time provisions in your divorce judgment must be in the children’s best interests. This helps promote a cooperation between the parties to make their own decisions prior to a full trial on the issues. And for good reason – who better to know your children’s best interests than you? The Michigan divorce process is set up to give the parties every opportunity to come to an agreement before the issues ever reach the Judge. However, if a trial becomes necessary, you don’t want to go it alone.