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Depending on the circumstances, divorce can be simple and straightforward or highly complex. You might be looking for someone to only help draft forms for an uncontested divorce, or you may need someone in your corner to fight for your children’s best interests. For these scenarios and everything in between, you can rely on Kendra Ortega, PLC. Attorney Ortega has experience in a wide variety of divorce situations to skillfully handle your case. She is committed to keeping your legal fees reasonable by focusing on only what is necessary to properly litigate your divorce.

Ready To Handle Whatever Your Case Requires

The Michigan divorce process is set up to give the parties every opportunity to come to an agreement before the issues ever reach the judge. However, if a trial becomes necessary, you don’t want to go it alone. Attorney Ortega provides advice, counsel and representation tailored to the resolution strategy you are utilizing, whether that’s negotiation or litigation. She can assist you with any and all aspects of your case, including:

  • Division of property, assets and debts: Michigan law promotes a property division that is fair and equitable under the circumstances.
  • Child custody agreements: Custody and parenting time provisions in your divorce judgment must be in the children’s best interests. This helps promote cooperation between the parties to make their own decisions prior to a full trial on the issues. And for good reason – who better to know your children’s best interests than you?
  • Child support orders
  • Spousal support (also called alimony) 
  • Domestic violence allegations: If you fear for your safety or have already been abused, Ms. Ortega can help you seek a personal protection order which prohibits your abuser from coming to your home or work. It may also prevent them from obtaining a firearm.

Even if your divorce will be simple and uncontested, it is still a wise idea to consult with attorney Ortega about the legal requirements and necessary paperwork. Although hiring a lawyer is a financial investment, the costs of correcting a legal error can sometimes be higher.

Post-Judgment Enforcement Actions

If your ex decides that they do not want to follow the parenting time schedule or sign over that bank account you were awarded in the divorce – you don’t have to just sit and take it. You can file a motion to enforce the provisions in your judgment or orders. Most times, if your documents were well-drafted by an attorney, your judgment or orders will include a provision that allows you to collect attorney fees that you spend on getting your ex to follow the rules.

Attorney Ortega will ensure that these provisions are included in any agreements she helps you write. She also offers representation in post-judgment enforcement matters, even if she wasn’t the original attorney in your case.

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