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Child Support Problems Can Be Solved With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

Child support is too often a contentious issue between co-parents. This is because it keeps both parties financially tied to one another and, in some cases, it may highlight the perceived unfairness of the parenting agreement. But it is important to remember that children are the ultimate beneficiaries of these funds, and they will also be negatively impacted if the funds aren’t paid. For these reasons, it is critical to craft a child support order that meets the needs of children while being sustainable for the parent paying support.

If you need assistance with child support matters in Michigan, contact Kendra Ortega, PLC, for knowledgeable guidance. Attorney Ortega is a strong advocate for clients and their children, and she will help you seek solutions that work for all involved.

Enforcing Or Seeking Modifications To Child Support Orders

In addition to providing representation related to the original order, attorney Ortega can help you seek to modify payment amounts or enforce an existing order. Child support is calculated using the Michigan child support formula. The formula is extremely complex which can be very frustrating to parents on both the paying and receiving ends. The goal is not to punish parents but rather to help parents establish a financial partnership for the sake of their minor children. However, anyone who is behind in paying child support has likely encountered show-cause motions or has been threatened with jail time, a suspended license or garnished wages.

On the flip side, you may be the parent who never receives child support because the other parent quits a job as soon as they see their check decrease, works under the table for uncollectable cash or avoids paying support at all costs.

Solutions are available in either case. The fix could be as simple as requesting a review if your obligation is set much higher than it should be, or holding the other party accountable for the financial support your children need and deserve. Attorney Ortega can help you explore these and other options.

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