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Protecting Your Legacy By Crafting A Will

A will outlines how assets are distributed upon a person’s death. This document lets the creator specify how their possessions will go to beneficiaries after their passing, who will look after their dependents and who will manage their estate when the time comes. Even when you know what you want your will to contain, you will still need guidance in creating a will that no one can contest.

Kendra Ortega, PLC, can help you create a will based on your unique needs. She serves clients in Holland, Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas through their estate planning needs. When you need someone who can help you prepare for tomorrow, make sure your lawyer can help you account for everything.

What Is Required To Make A Will Valid?

When a will is invalid for any reason, the requirements of the will can be dismissed, regardless of how clear the will is. Attorney Ortega can help you develop a will that meets the requirements of a will’s validity, including:

  • Legal age: The testator (the person making the will) needs to be 18 years old or older.
  • Sound mind: The testator must be of sound mind, meaning they understand the nature of making a will and the effects of their decisions.
  • Written document: The will must be in writing, whether typed or handwritten.
  • Signatures: The testator must sign the will and it must also be signed by at least two witnesses who are not beneficiaries of the will.
  • Intent: The testator must intend for the document to be their will.

When you come to Kendra Ortega, PLC, for guidance in creating your will, you can rest easy knowing your estate plan is valid and prepared to combat any contestation.

Is A Will Enough?

A strong will is often the cornerstone to a reliable estate plan, but it is rarely the only estate planning measure you need to take. Attorney Ortega can help you take additional measures to defend your needs, including developing:

  • Powers of attorney: This legal document allows someone to manage financial and legal affairs if the individual becomes incapacitated.
  • Advance directives: These include living wills and health care proxies, as well as outlining medical care preferences if the individual is unable to communicate their wishes.

Trusts can also be a valuable asset, depending on your unique factors. A trust can also distribute assets but grants the testator more control over when and how the assets are released to the beneficiary and can also minimize tax obligations along the way.

Craft A Will Your Loved Ones Can Turn To

If you do not have a will or have not updated your will in some time, let Kendra Ortega, PLC, help you create a plan that reflects your best interests. Call 616-369-7566 or reach out online to schedule your initial consultation with a Michigan attorney you can depend on today.