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Adult Guardianship: Providing Essential Support

Adult guardianship may be necessary when an individual can no longer manage their personal or financial affairs due to incapacity. Whether guardianship is necessary due to age, illness or injury, it is important to ensure the guardian is properly appointed to protect the ward. When someone loses their ability to act on their own behalf, let a skilled Michigan attorney help you look after their needs.

Kendra Ortega, PLC, has extensive experience representing clients through their guardian needs. She is proud to help clients throughout Holland, Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities, and is prepared to guide you through every step of your guardian needs, starting with determining guardianships.

How Is Guardianship Determined?

In Michigan, guardianship for an incapacitated adult is determined through a legal process. When someone is not able to care for themselves, often through injury or illness, appointing a guardian is necessary to grant someone the legal authority to manage their finances and other affairs. If the incapacitated person does not have a durable power of attorney or a designation of patient advocate, a guardian may be appointed to manage their personal needs while a conservator handles their property.

By filing a guardianship petition with the potential ward’s county probate court, you can begin the guardianship appointment process. Only the ward themselves or someone concerned for the ward’s wellbeing can file the petition. Next, the court will schedule a hearing, conduct evaluations and determine the ward’s condition before reaching a decision about the appointment of a guardian.

What Are A Guardian’s Responsibilities?

A guardian’s primary responsibility is to take care of the incapacitated individual’s personal needs, including providing food, clothing, shelter and health care. Guardians are responsible for making decisions about living arrangements, medical care and other aspects of daily life. If there is no conservator, the guardian is also responsible for the finances of their ward.

A guardianship limits the ward’s legal rights to manage their own affairs, but it also provides a guardian with the authority needed to care for the ward. There are cases where a person can act as a conservator and guardian, granting them more authority over a ward.

If you believe that guardianship is necessary for a loved one, Kendra Ortega, PLC, can review the factors in your situation, determine what options are available to you, and guide you through the process of pursuing the goal you deserve.

Protect Your Loved Ones Through Guardianships

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