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Estate Planning: Secure Your Future

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of net worth, and can be done at any time in one’s life. Whether you have recently gotten married, had a child, retired or experienced a different major life event, now is the best time to update or create an estate plan. Through proper planning and the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can protect your last wishes and ensure that you are caring for your loved ones after you are gone.

Kendra Ortega, PLC, provides families in Holland, Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan communities with personalized estate planning services. Attorney Kendra Ortega uses her professional skills and her personal approach at her law firm to develop custom-tailored strategies for estate planning needs. She uses her background in the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to create plans that account for eventualities that everyone needs to consider.

What Does An Estate Plan Do?

Your estate plan can do a lot for you. Through proper planning, you can determine who will inherit your assets, appoint a guardian for your children or vulnerable adults and decide on health care preferences if you are incapacitated. Attorney Ortega’s planning can also minimize chances for contestations and tax liabilities, which can save your loved one’s time and money in the administration process.

What Is Included In An Estate Plan?

With an experienced estate planning lawyer at your side, you can develop a comprehensive estate plan that includes several key components:

  • Wills: A will specifies how assets will be distributed after death and names guardians for minor children.
  • Trusts: Trusts can provide for asset management during one’s lifetime and distribute assets after death, offering privacy and potentially reducing estate taxes.
  • Powers of attorney: This legal document designates someone to manage financial affairs if the individual becomes unable to do so.
  • Advance directives: These directives, including living wills and health care proxies, outline preferences for medical care if incapacitated.

Everyone’s estate plan should be different to account for personal needs, and yours is no exception. Choose an estate planning attorney who is fluent in Michigan estate planning law to guide you through your estate planning needs.

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